WebPlayer audio issues


There are various issues with audio under different browsers. We are currently using jPlayer as not all browsers support the HTML5 <audio> tag.

These problems may be browser bugs which will go away in time, so it may or may not be worth attempting to fix these:

Safari: Audio doesn't play at all. If you uncomment the jPlayer.event.error binding in playAudio (in player.js), you'll see all requests result in an "e_url" error.
Chrome: The "loop" option doesn't work. The event does fire, as you can see if you put an alert in endFunction, but the call to play doesn't seem to be doing anything.
IE: We have to use <embed> to get WAVs to work, as IE <9 doesn't support the <audio> tag and the Flash fallback option doesn't support WAVs. This means we can't get implement the "sync" option as we have no way of getting a notification when the sound has finished. I expect this is unfixable.

Also, I've not looked at implementing support for MIDI files at all in WebPlayer. We may just leave these as unsupported.
Closed Jul 6, 2014 at 12:53 PM by alexwarren
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